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Columnist admits battery acid attack

Tribune columnist Locksley “Potcake” Thompson was arrested over the holiday weekend for throwing battery acid on a man.

The 67-year-old pleaded guilty to causing harm to Colan Rolle at his arraignment before Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans.

Thompson told the magistrate that he threw battery acid at Rolle because he’s threatened to burn down his newly built home through Balls Alley.

Some of the acid went on Rolle’s ankles and caused him pain.

Magistrate Vogt-Evans said that Thompson should have called the police rather than taking matters into his own hands.

Thompson acknowledged that his victim was “dead drunk” when he made the threat.

He asked the court for leniency as he’s diabetic and hypertensive and hadn’t taken his medication for the day.

The magistrate asked, “You don’t think you’re too sick and too old to be throwing acid on people?”

She ordered Thompson to pay Rolle $100 in compensation to avoid spending one month in prison.

Thompson said that Rolle would only use the money to buy rum.

Thompson, who scribbles his thoughts about daily Nassau on a piece of cardboard affixed to a shopping cart, has a weekly column in The Tribune.

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