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Close call for some Miller’s Heights residents Electrical overload or currents leave Miller’s Heigh

**This is a developing story**

Fire and power company crews are at the hour at the scene of an apparent blaze on West Avenue off Carmichael Road. Reports from area residents say sometime before noon today, power lines along much of the street caught fire out of the blue, frightening them and even sending some into a panic as they tried to figure out what was happening.

“All I heard was a popping sound... I was like what that is and when I look outside I see smoke coming from the poles,” recounted one woman from the area who declined to give her name. “It was a scary thing to see,” she added.

Another West Avenue resident’s apartment’s electrical box is said to have caught afire and the power line in front of another’s home popped and then exploded. That resident reported the line landed three houses up the street from her.

“All we could see was smoke coming from one section of the yard. I assume now that the grass or something in the yard caught fire. The fire department looked like they were spraying down the yard,” she said.

It is unclear at this time exactly what caused the hazard.

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