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Chief Justice only sanitized his office after COVID-19 case

Staff in the Office of the Judiciary are livid after Chief Justice Brian Moree, QC decided to have only his office deep cleaned and sanitized after his aide tested positive for COVID-19.

The aide had to be hospitalized last week after experiencing severe symptoms, giving colleagues quite a scare.

However, the CJ’s aide is said to be doing much better now and is breathing on his own.

Moree entered quarantine for 14 days and is holding meetings via Zoom.

However, staffers are angry that Moree didn’t have all of the court offices the aide visited deep cleaned and sanitized after learning he was infected.

They are also concerned that the offices aren’t sanitized frequently, adding professional crews were only called in after two staffers, including the CJ’s aide, were infected with coronavirus.

Staffers have been pushing for regular cleanings to help prevent the spread of the virus, which has caused more than half of government offices across New Providence to be closed for sanitization due to exposure.

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