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Cheating MP attacked by wife’s brother

A cheating MP was beaten up by his pastor brother-in-law as his scorned wife cheered on the attack.

Eleuthera MP Hank Johnson was caught off guard as he left his mistress’ home in Coral Harbour around 8am Saturday.

The brother-in-law unleashed a flurry of blows on the shocked MP before he could get into his blue SUV. Johnson’s wife shouted, “Get him” as the hapless MP tried to defend himself.

Now, Johnson’s brother-in-law is a pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which means he broke the Sabbath to carry out the ungodly act.

After the beating stopped, the punching pastor and his sister fled off in their white SUVs.

Meanwhile, Johnson went to report the matter to police and seek medical attention.

Johnson has been a regular night visitor to his sweetheart’s apartment for the past year. She is also from Eleuthera.

Johnson and his wife are estranged but they have not formally ended their union.

It appears that his wife and brother-in-law knew his routine as they lie-in-wait for him.

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