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Chaos at National Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance Authority is in chaos as its handsomely paid Managing Director Graham Whitmarsh has decided to remain in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic.

In his absence, the head of Human Resources has reportedly fired the head of security and NHIA’s Marketing Manager Latoya Hanna.

Whitmarsh, who is reportedly paid over $200,000 a year and lives in the ultra-luxurious West Bay Street condominium Bayroc on taxpayers’ dime, has refused to return to The Bahamas to work as he says he cannot run the risk of traveling and catching Covid-19. As a result, he is working remotely from Canada. This, while thousands of Bahamians remain out of work during the pandemic and are struggling to receive assistance.

The Gallery understands that the NHIA managing director is on a three-year contract that expired on February 6 of this year.

According to insiders, Whitmarsh was supposed to train a Bahamian to take over his position once his three-year contract ended. However, he did not train anyone as he wanted to stay on at NHIA as a consultant. A senior manager was reportedly put in place. However, we’re told the government is still paying $10,000 monthly for Whitmarsh’s Bayroc home during his consultancy.

In his absence, workers say all hell has broken loose and the Human Resources manager has fired the head of security and the marketing manager who hosts a radio show that did not always portray the government in a positive light.

The well-respected security head’s contract is up in April. However, HR decided to axe him this week.

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