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Central Intelligence Branch closed; At least 2 officers have Covid-19

The Central Intelligence Branch of the Royal Bahamas Police Force has been closed until further notice after at least two police officers tested positive for the coronavirus.

The virus is rampant in the police force, which had to place 100 officers in quarantine. 70 of those officers are stationed in Grand Bahama.

The Fox Hill and Fort Charlotte Police stations, Criminal Records Office and CIB are just some of the areas of the police force hit by Covid-19.

830 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in The Bahamas. 30 cases are hospitalized.

Today, senior health officials were asked during a news conference how many law enforcement officers have tested positive during the pandemic. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan suggested that is above her pay grade and advised the reporter to pose that question to someone higher up.

Just yesterday, a 35-year-old Royal Bahamas Defence Force marine died of coronavirus complications after seeking medical attention this week and being placed on a ventilator. Health officials say there 14 confirmed Covid-19 deaths but an additional four deaths are under investigation.

Six immigration officers recently tested positive for the virus. 30 officers are in quarantine.

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