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Central and South Eleuthera MP calls for complete lockdown

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Central and South Eleuthera MP Hank Johnson has called for a complete lockdown of Eleuthera as the total number of COVID-19 cases on the island hit 83. Three new cases were confirmed on Eleuthera on Monday.

“In my constituency persons are afraid and right now it is time for action. I support a total lockdown,” Johnson said in a message to constituents.

However, North Eleuthera MP Ricky Mackey is not in support of his fellow FNM MP’s push for a complete lockdown.

Residents say while Johnson spoke out against the rising number of cases in his constituency, he has been quiet on how he has contributed to the spread of the virus by campaigning while he was infected with Covid-19.

He also attempted to disassociate himself from the Competent Authority by saying that THEY will need to provide resources for the 11,000 residents of Eleuthera during a full lockdown as if he is not part of the governing Free National Movement.

Residents are enraged by his comments as many businesses have been severely impacted by the unpredictable closures and other restrictions, which have contributed to the high rate of unemployment.

The government is spending in excess of $20 million on roadworks and dock repairs while residents have no health care facility with proper equipment to treat trauma or Covid-19 cases.

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