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Cellphone killers sentenced

A judge has sentenced two women to 28 years in prison for the murder of 19-year-old Breanna Mackey.

The teen mom’s former friends viciously ganged and killed her in a long running feud over a broken cellphone.

Soon after the January 25, 2018 murder, police charged six young women with the crime.

Zaria Burrows and Dervinique Edwards were the only ones who went to trial.

The decision proved to be a costly one, as they got longer sentences than the person who fatally stabbed Mackey, even with credit for time spent on remand.

Burrows has 26 years and three months left on her sentence and Edwards has 25 years and two months left.

The stabber, Thea Williams, was sentenced to 25 years after she took a plea deal to manslaughter. Matea Sylverain also copped a plea to manslaughter and got 12 years. Sylverain kicked and stomped Mackey as she lay on the ground.

Ironically, Yolika Dumosle, whose phone Mackey broke, has already been freed from prison.

Dumosle and Davanya Lawes pleaded guilty to causing harm and were sentenced to two years in prison. They threw rocks and bottles at Mackey during the attack.

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