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CC Sweeting Sr High trying to hide COVID case?

After a teacher was infected with COVID-19, employees at C. C. Sweeting Senior High School are accusing the school’s administration and senior officials at the Ministry of Education of trying to cover it up.

The teacher showed up for work last week Monday and Tuesday then left early on Wednesday after experiencing covid-like symptoms, according to staff. Colleagues later learned he was infected with the virus.

While teachers exposed to the educator were allowed to quarantine, staff in other areas tell us they were forced to remain at work.

They fear officials are trying to sweep the matter under the rug instead of sending all students and staff home to allow for deep cleaning and sanitizaton.

Students also got wind of the positive case but were not allowed to call their parents to collect them.

COVID-19 has hit public schools hard in recent weeks with several students becoming infected or being exposed to an infected person.

Despite concerns about a third wave of infections, the Ministry of Health has decided to leave schools open.

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