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Car Wash acquitted of child cruelty

Comedian and Internet personality Jonathan “Daddi Whites” Russell must be kicking himself after learning of the acquittal of his collaborator Car Wash.

They were both sentenced to three months in prison on June 15 after pleading guilty to separate charges of child cruelty.

Car Wash, real name Alesha McNeil, admitted to beating her boyfriend’s seven-year-old child with a belt.

There was no slapping up as prosecutors conceded the offense had not been made out.

Russell was arrested for a viral video of him putting a beer bottle to a two-year-old boy’s mouth. Although pleading guilty, Russell claimed that soda was in the beer bottle but Russell and the child’s father, Lionel Hart Sr, chickened out and dropped their appeals.

They remain in Fox Hell Prison while Car Wash sings “Just Road”

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