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Bridge Authority Chairman spending taxpayers money like water

Employees of the Bridge Authority are calling out their chairman Greg Bonamy for his reckless spending of the people’s money.

Bonamy, a longtime friend of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, ordered the Authority to purchase a brand new truck the government entity doesn’t need during the worst economic period in the country’s history.

However, instead of allowing staff to use the pricy truck for daily operations, Bonamy is using it as his personal vehicle and has had the taxpayers’ truck parked up outside of his house every night for the last three months.

The Bridge Authority chairman, who is quite unpopular among employees, is known for running roughshod over the General Manager and board of directors who are afraid to question his unwise decisions and wild spending due to his political connections.

Bonamy attended St. Augustine’s College with Minnis and is a rabid supporter of the Free National Movement. He has helped to raise campaign donations for the party leading up to previous General Elections and received his reward in the form of a political appointment at the Bridge Authority.

However, frustrated employees are wondering when Minnis will catch sense and stop Bonamy before he leaves the Bridge Authority broke.

They’re calling for a forensic audit of the Bridge Authority’s accounts to uncover just how foolishly taxpayer funds are being spent.

The Bridge Authority is responsible for the two bridges connecting New Providence to Paradise Island.

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