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UPDATE: Heavy police presence on scene of Montel Heights murder

Heavily armed police officers dressed in camouflage gear flooded the Montel Heights area on Tuesday night shortly after a man was shot and killed on Lincoln Boulevard.

Eyewitnesses told police that a group of people were hanging out in front of home when a lone gunman walked up and opened fire in the direction of the victim, according to Police Press Liaison ASP Audley Peters.

The victim, who was shot multiple times,

died on the scene.

Police received reports of the shooting incident shortly after 8pm.

When they arrived on the scene, they met the man’s body lying on the ground.

Asked whether there is a connection between any of the victims killed on New Providence in recent weeks, Peters said, “I’m being told by the senior investigator that we’re still doing a victimology to try and confirm these connections. We do understand that there is some speculation on the streets that these incidents may be gang-related. However, we’ve not fully confirmed those assertions and so until such time, we will go where the evidence leads us.”

This is the sixth murder recorded for the year.

The blood of Bahamians continues to be shed on the streets of New Providence as another person was murdered in Montel Heights on Tuesday night.

This latest homicide occurred on Bowe Avenue in Montel Heights near the enterance of the Department of Social Services.

Police are on the scene covering the victim’s body and awaiting the arrival of a hearse.

It comes as the Minister of National Security bragged about a 21.3 percent decrease in murders in 2020.

Despite his boasting, the new year is off to a scary start with six murders in five days.

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