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Bahamians arrested on suspicion of human smuggling

Three Bahamians arrested on suspicion of human smuggling say they’re really Good Samaritans. Ralph Joseph, 20, of Farrington Road, Randy Thompson, 27, of Sandy Point, Abaco, and Leander Williams, 56, of Potters Cay, were rescued after their boat capsized off Chub Cay over the weekend.

The RBDF also rescued nine Bahamian and Jamaican migrants.

When questioned by cops, the men denied that they had participated in a failed smuggling operation.

The trio claimed that they were out fishing when they saw the stranded migrants.

But their boat started taking on water soon after they picked up the migrants.

With no evidence to charge them with human smuggling, police charged the men with violating an emergency order that allows two people per vessel to fish.

The men pleaded guilty to prohibited fishing at their arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney today.

He placed them on probation for two years. If they commit any crime during this period, they could spend six month in prison if they don’t pay a $1,500 fine.

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