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Bahamasair flight attendant has COVID-19

A Bahamasair flight attendant who worked several routes last weekend tested positive for coronavirus last night.

This comes as health officials confirmed three new COVID-19 cases today.

The flight attendant decided to get tested for the virus after she began to experience fatigue. She worked several flights in recent days and told co-workers she doesn’t know what flight she may have gotten infected on. She served as flight attendant on recent flights to Exuma and Rock Sound, among others.

Colleagues who worked alongside her and came into contact with her are terrified they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

They fear Bahamasair officials are keeping the news hush hush instead of informing employees and passengers that they were exposed to a flight attendant who has tested positive.

The airline is facing immense pressure to suspend its Florida flight services in response to a spike in cases in Florida. Grand Bahama has also experienced a surge after borders opened on July 1.

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