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Baha Mar Royal Blue overcharging Bahamians while golf course sits empty

Though Baha Mar’s Royal Blue Golf Course has been virtually empty as occupancy levels remain low during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mega resort continues to overcharge Bahamians to golf on its course.

While hardly any tourists are in town to utilize its amenities, the resort would prefer to overcharge Bahamian golfers in an effort keep them off the 18-hole, par-72 course.

Local golfers feel Baha Mar would prefer to have an empty golf course that pulls in no revenue instead of charging more affordable rates for locals, who often have to travel abroad to play an affordable round of golf.

In 2019, Baha Mar increased the rate for Bahamians from $85 to $125 then eventually to $140. Foreign Baha Mar employees and their friends are charged less than a quarter of that rate.

What is even more egregious, Bahamians who are members of the Bahamas Golf Federation are charged $140 and can only schedule tee times 48 hours before they tee off while foreign Baha Mar employees and their friends are charged just $30 for a round of golf and can schedule tee times - including preferred tee times - well in advance or at a moment’s notice.

Bahamian golfers continue to be discriminated against by foreign-run golf clubs in their own country because they have no one to speak out on their behalf.

Prior to the 2017 General Election, golfer Chris Harris was appointed by the Government to Royal Blue’s board of directors, which consists of three directors: two appointed by Baha Mar and one member appointed by the Government, which owns the property.

However, Baha Mar never invited Harris to attend any board meetings.

He was asked to sign several auditors reports but board members stopped communicating with him, so he does not know whether he was replaced as a director.

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