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Ash flip flops on ownership of seized liquor

The Government’s lead witness in the failed trial of Shane Gibson, Johnathon Ash, filed a suit in the Supreme Court against the Attorney General alleging illegal confiscation of alcohol by the Department of Customs. Ash, who was a no-show in court, wants damages and his liquor returned. It was seized from his liquor store and another business.

The 35-year-old, who is presently under police protection, was charged and fined with operating a liquor store without a valid liquor license, business license and breaking curfew as set by the Competent Authority’s Emergency Order as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.  

Ash plead guilty to all charges and was fined $7K, although he stated to police that the business and items were not owned by him and he was merely securing them for a friend. However, he was captured on camera receiving money for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The case of Johnathon Ash vs The Attorney General was scheduled to be heard by Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville at 10:00am today.

Customs has agreed to secure the seized items for the duration of legal proceedings.

The Supreme Court, which offers a public gallery, had a total of 7 individuals who were asked by Officers to practice social distancing.  Each individual complied.  However, they were eventually asked to leave because it was a chamber matter.

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