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Arrest warrant issued for Omar Archer

A magistrate has issued an arrest warrant for paid FNM liar Omar Archer in a criminal libel case.

Archer was due to appear before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis for a criminal libel case that dates back to 2015.

The magistrate directed police to arrest Archer after he failed to appear.

Political opportunist Archer helped the FNM with its dirty 2017 campaign of deceit. On the campaign trail, he claimed that PLP politicians were going to jail when he was facing a criminal case that could land him in prison.

After the election, he briefly turned on the FNM, but went silent when the government made him registrar of contractors over qualified individuals.

Archer has been ducking his libel case since a defamatory post claiming a woman had AIDS six years ago.

He infamously jumped from the court’s window, breaking both legs, when police went to arrest him on the complaint.

Archer is known for making cowardly attacks against private citizens. Although the claims that he’s “never scared”, he would never dare say any of these things in person.

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