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AG loses it over a box!

Today in the Senate, Senator Carl Bethel and Attorney General made a public spectacle of himself.  In his quest to distract from his recent blunders Senator Bethel created a smoke screen calling on the Commissioner of Police to launch an investigation stating that the Senate was not safe.

He wildly made accusations that a box of tabled documents was found in disarray and concluded that it had been tampered with.  These assertions took a dramatic turn as Senator Bethel demanded that the police are called in to look into the matter.

The Senate Clerk, who tried desperately to intervene, was finally able to shed light on this matter which Senator Bethel blew out of proportion. He indicated that it was he, in the capacity of his job, who had been looking for documents which resulted in the box’s disorganization.

What has become abundantly clear is that Senator Bethel is suffering from some form of mental lapse.  Just last week the Senator asked for an adjournment after he was schooled by Senator Fred Mitchell on the rules of the Upper Chamber for which he, as Leader of Government Business in the Senate, should have known. Again this week he could not remember if he had tabled a document and asked to review the tapes of the house proceedings to jog his memory. Ironically the very same Senate Clerk had to shed light on this matter for him.

This ineptness which is being disguised with arrogance seems to be the modus operandi of this administration.  No one can argue that there is much lacking by the FNM and that they are falling apart at the seams.

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