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Activists charged with loitering outside PM home

Police arrested two activists as they headed to the Prime Minister’s residence to stage a protest.

Kendle Colebrooke and Edmund O’Brien, who are vocal critics of PM Dr Hubert Minnis’ style of governance, were arrested around 4:40pm at Hollyhock Road and Tropical Gardens on August 24.

Both men appeared in court today on charges of loitering and failing to wear a mask in public.

Although police arrested the men at the same time, they appeared before different magistrates.

Colebrooke denied the charges at his arraignment before Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain.

She granted him $500 bail and set his trial for October 14.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes set O’Brien’s bail at $1,000. His trial is set for November 17.

Maria Daxon represents Colebrooke and Keith Seymour represents O’Brien.

The same witnesses, Constables 4329 Lynes, 4412 Thurston and 4458 Hudson, will testify against both activists.

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