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Abaco woman killed in three-car collision

The female passenger in a silver 2009 Honda Fit died on Friday night following a three-car collision on S.C. Bootle Highway in Abaco. Three other people involved in the tragic accident were airlifted to New Providence to be treated for severe injuries.

According to witnesses, the silver 2009 Honda Fit collided with a silver 2001 Honda Accord. A grey 2007 Honda Accord then crashed into the vehicles.

The female passenger of the Honda Fit died on the scene of the accident but was officially pronounced dead by a doctor at Marsh Harbour Clinic.

The man driving the Honda Fit sustained serious injuries and was transported to the Marsh Harbour Clinic before being airlifted to New Providence.

Two persons in the silver 2001 Honda Accord were also transported to the Marsh Harbour Clinic with serious injuries. They were also airlifted to New Providence for further medical attention.

The third vehicle, a grey 2007 Honda Accord with two passengers, was also damaged. The front seat passenger received non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the Marsh Harbour Clinic for further medical attention. The driver remained on the scene and is assisting police with their investigation.

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1 Comment

Nov 15, 2022

They bear a great loss in the accident, the same has happened to my friend also but luckily no one has died only he lost his car. i helped him sell that car to the junk car company so that he can get some amount of cash against that scrap that can help him compensate for some loss.

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