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A boatload of drugs seized during boat chase; suspect shot

A huge shipment of dangerous drugs was seized off the coast of Barre Tarre, Exuma following a high speed boat chase on Monday morning.

Shortly after 1am, acting on information, a joint operation was mounted by OPBAT which included the US Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement Agency, Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Drug Enforcement Unit and the Police Marine Division. The total weight of the drugs that was seized in the joint operation this morning is 2274 lbs with an estimated street value of $3,411,000.

The team was conducting surveillance along the Ragged Island chain when officers came upon a speedboat with four occupants on board.

The vessel was beckoned to stop but the captain failed to comply and a high speed boat chase ensued.

The suspect led the officers into the Exuma chains. While in the area of Barre Tarre the captain of the speedboat rammed his vessel into the Police Marine boat.

One of the officers shot at the suspect’s boat, hitting one of the occupants.

The vessel was disabled and the occupants were captured.

A large shipment of suspected marijuana was seized.

The injured suspect was transported to an Exuma medical facility where he is being treated.

The drugs were brought into New Providence shortly after noon on Monday.

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