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$130K contracts of African lawyers in AG’s Office revealed

The Minnis Administration has renewed the $130,000 contracts of two African prosecutors in the Department of Public Prosecutions, despite their inability to represent the government in court.

The contracts of Ugandan Assistant DPP David Bakininga and Nigerian Deputy DPP Nkiruka Jones-Nebo were renewed for two years, suppressing Bahamian attorneys who are more than qualified to fill the senior positions.

Deputy DPP Nebo-Jones receives an annual salary of $65,000 along with a housing allowance of $2000 per month, a mileage allowance of $3000 a year, responsibility allowance of $4000 per annum, scarcity allowance of $15,000 per annum and 15% gratuity at the end of her contract.

Assistant Director Bakininga receives a salary of $64,000, $2000 per month in housing allowance, $3000 per annum in mileage, $15,000 scarcity allowance and 15% gratuity at the end of his contract.

The government wasted taxpayers money on new contracts on the two foreign prosecutors even after the Bahamas Bar Association denied their right to practice law in The Bahamas.

Attorney David Cash currently has a case before Supreme Court Justice Deborah Fraser , challenging the legality of the Assistant DPP signing Voluntary Bills of Indictment.

The decision to hire the Africans in 2019 over qualified Bahamians sparked a wave of resignations and transfers from the Office of the DPP, resulting in a serious manpower shortage.

The Africans each earn over $100,000 with perks, but Bahamian prosecutors have been unable to get promotions or raises.

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