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WSC CFO: Gibson “pressured” GM to make contract payments

Sabrina Walkine, the Chief Financial Officer of Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), took the witness stand in the trial of Adrian Gibson and six others today.

Walkine testified that then-WSC General Manager Elwood Donaldson exerted pressure for timely payments on landscaping contracts, attributing the insistence to Gibson, who held the position of executive chairman at the time.

The defense promptly objected to this claim, arguing that such information wasn't initially included in Walkine's statement.

However, Walkine said she did, in fact, state that Donaldson was being pressured by Gibson. Clarifying her role, she admitted not being part of the conversation between Gibson and Donaldson but asserted that Donaldson informed her he was pressured to make payments.

Under questioning from defense attorney Damian Gomez, Walkine affirmed WSC's commitment to timely bill payments, acknowledging the importance of paying bills promptly.

She emphasized her duty to ensure timely payments based on cash flow. When asked about the GM's responsibility for vendor payments, she concurred but pointed out instances where he did not show the same level of urgency in sending out payments for other vendors.

Asked if she had axe to grind against Donaldson, Walkine said her termination did not stem from performance issues, as communicated by Donaldson, indicating no personal grievances with him or the chairman.

During cross-examination, Walkine confirmed Donaldson was cordial towards her.

Attorney Myles Parker also played a crucial role in today's proceedings. His testimony unveiled the registration details of Edwileno Holdings, identifying Lanardo and Rashae Gibson as principles and directors, with Jerome Missick listed as a director.

Parker said Gibson was not associated with Edwelino. When questioned about the funding for property purchases, he named RBC and Scotia Bank as the financial sources.

Parker was asked whether Gibson was acting as an attorney for Edwelino. He chuckled and stated he could only speak to facts, not opinions.

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