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Will FNM candidate Jennie Isaacs-Dotson give up govt job?

Highly-paid consultant for the National Training Agency Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson has been ratified as the Free National Movement candidate for the Exumas and Ragged Island, representing a huge conflict of interest.

Government policy mandates that government employees should resign once they receive a party nomination in a general election.

Isaacs-Dotson is collecting two salaries from struggling taxpayers as an NTC consultant and as an FNM Senator.

Employees in the National Training Agency have informed the Gallery that Isaacs-Dotson doesn’t actually do anything at the government agency and was simply appointed to the post by the Minnis government to collect a salary.

Meanwhile, the average Bahamian is catching eternal hell during the pandemic, relying on the generosity of others just to get a hot meal.

Will the government do the right thing and instruct Isaacs-Dotson to step down from her consultancy post or will the Minnis Administration, in its arrogance, allow her to remain on the job in the run-up to the next election?

Isaacs-Dotson isn’t the only former trade unionist to secure an FNM nomination in the 2022 General Election. Former president of the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union Nicole Martin is set to be ratified as the party’s candidate for Nassau Village, replacing House Speaker Halson Moultrie who resigned from the FNM on Thursday.

“My patriotic and not to be compromised convictions on fundamental essentials of democracy and good governance such as the separation of powers, autonomy and independence of the legislature and judiciary, accountability and transparency, freedom of information and respect for the constitution makes my continued affiliation and association divergent and untenable,” Moultrie said in a letter addressed to FNM Secretary General Sefrent Rolle.

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