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Wife of Jamaican QC K.D. Knight dies of covid

Hotshot Jamaican attorney K. D. Knight, QC is mourning the loss of his wife Pauline to COVID-19 as their daughter battles the disease in serious condition.

Knight is said to be devastated by his wife’s death.

The Queens Counsel made a name for himself in the Bahamian courts after he famously represented former PHA Chairman Frank Smith and former cabinet minister Shane Gibson in their highly publicized trials in 2019.

To the Minnis Administration’s embarrassment, both men were acquitted of all charges after Knight uncovered the interference of two cabinet ministers in the Smith case and police tampering of witnesses in the Gibson case.

Knight is also expected to represent former Environment Minister Ken Dorsett whose case has languished in the courts for nearly four years without going to trial.

Since the start of the pandemic, Jamaica has confirmed 60, 488 COVID-19 cases and over 1,300 COVID deaths.

Knight, who is a former cabinet minister and senator, has spearheaded vaccination efforts in Jamaica.

We are praying for Knight and his daughter during this trying time for their family.

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