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Who will benefit from Downtown transformation?


Bay Street will be transformed on Friday and Saturday evenings into a comfortable and elegant outdoor café setting in late July, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who announced a partnership between the government and the Downtown Nassau Partnership.

The annual summer event titled “Downtown Under the Stars” will feature Bahamian, Caribbean and Jazz music, along with gourmet food trucks, according to Minnis, who made the announcement during his budget debate contribution on Monday.

In order to ensure the success of this weeks-long event, Dr. Minnis promised that the government will facilitate small loans to culinary entrepreneurs and to encourage the development of innovative food truck offerings.

He further stated that it is their intent to eventually have the main thoroughfare closed off from 7PM to 1AM daily to facilitate outdoor cafes.

While I applaud the concept of “Downtown Under The Stars” as a wonderful initiative, I question who will truly benefit from such an event.  

In less than a month, this event will be launched. Who will be ready to participate in this event in such a short timeframe?

According to the prime minister, the event will feature gourmet food trucks and beverage pavilions.  

The challenge is that three weeks does

not give entrepreneurs intended to benefit sufficient time to come up with a business plan, secure the small loan from the government, order a food truck and have that food truck delivered and ready for the “latter half of July”, according to the timeline set by the Prime Minister.

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