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Opposition, please stop requesting a COVID-19 plan from the govt – IT SIMPLY DOESN’T HAVE ONE


For the umpteenth time, I heard Leader of the Opposition Philip Brave Davis request of the government a COVID-19 mitigation plan. Referring to the opening of the country’s borders to tourists beginning July 1, Davis said the government owes the Bahamian people a plan that ensures that all that has been gained will not be lost.  

Mr. Davis, please rest assured that the government has no plan.  They are making it up as they go along.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the Ministry of Education.  

In its press release dated June 30, 2020, the Ministry of Education advised all private preschools and childcare centers registered under the Early Childhood Care Act, they will be permitted to open on July 16.

Herein lies another example of this government’s ineptitude.  These organizations will be permitted to open on July 16 BUT the Ministry of Education advises in its press release, that the new guidelines will not be available until July 13.  

This means that these businesses will have only THREE DAYS to prepare for and implement all requirements (as stated in the new guidelines) to be provided by the government.

What’s worse is the Ministry has advised these organizations that on July 6, they could begin registering students.

What stupidity!!  I get to register students before I am aware of the new guidelines. How would I know what’s the maximum amount of students to register if I am not aware of the new requirements? One would suppose that included in these new guidelines would be the reduced group size and enhanced sanitization requirements.

Based on this government’s track record, I have no confidence that it has the competence to get anything right.

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1 Comment

Claudine Virgil
Claudine Virgil
Aug 17, 2020

It seems as though government are being blamed for what's going on, people do not adhere to the rules.they complained about no money no food but yet they having back yard parties and other things. We have to be responsible for our actions the bottom line is jesus is on his way,let's look up for redemption.draweth nigh

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