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Where Is the Government? The Rebuilding of Little Abaco

IIn the midst of all that is going on after Hurricane Dorian and dealing with this global health pandemic, the residents of Little Abaco feel a sense of security, not because of the government but because of the efforts made by international organizations. One such organization is the Fort Lauderdale-based “Church by the Sea”. This church formed a team to help with the reconstruction of The Northern Abacos.


This team provides direct relief for the five communities that make up Little Abaco. They assure the residents that they will have a long term relationship with them while helping with the rebuilding of each community. After Hurricane Dorian, many Abaconians felt hopeless but they waited patiently to see what would be the government’s next step in rebuilding everything Dorian tore apart.

Sad to say, more than nine months later they are still waiting! On the bright side, The Church by the Sea saw the need to bring help to Little Abacos. Their plan is to build up each settlement while helping the residents to survive and live comfortably after the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian. These projects have been funded by independent and private donors, who feel that their donation will help with making a better way of life for Little Abaconians.


The team formed by Church by the Sea is focused on the repair and rebuild of residents’ houses, schools, churches, clinics and other facilities within each community. Ultimately their plan is to help with the repair of every house in Little Abaco, which is an estimated 250 houses. This prevents hundreds of Little Abaconians from being displaced.



The team also regularly provides persons within the communities with groceries, generators and other essentials.


To top things off, they also hire locals from Little Abaco to help with the all reconstruction and distribution of all the items. This gives Little Abaconians an opportunity to make money while rebuilding their own communities.

It is known that the Bahamas as well as the entire world is at a standstill because of Covid-19, and this organization should be applauded for providing jobs for persons so that they can take care of their households and survive in this ever changing world. But the cry still remains, “Where is the government?”

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