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Where In The World is Miriam Emmanuel?

Well, what is this today? The people in Long Cay say they ain’t hear from their novice member of parliament Miriam Emmanuel since the 2017 General Election. Emmanuel, who is famously known for suggesting in the House of Assembly in 2018 that it is okay for a man to beat his wife and for jacking up the figure $7.41 million during her contribution in parliament last year, beg the people for their votes and after she won, ain’t been back since. They say they ready to file a Missing Persons report so someone could help them find their MP, who didn’t bother to check how they making it during the coronavirus crisis.

That ain’t all though! Down in Crooked Island, the people say they were promised during the campaign season that the dock would be fixed. Three years later, the state of the dock continues to deteriorate.

Don’t sound like Inagua much better. Work on docking facilities on that island is said to be 95% complete with no apparent plans to actually finish it. On Mayaguana, the people were promised new developments to boost that island’s economy. Well, according to residents, sounds like those talks were just that – TALKS.

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