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Victimization on the Royal Bahamas Defense Force

Trouble is brewing at the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) with Commander Raymond King at the helm.

Marines, who worked excess hours during and after Hurricane Dorian in 2019, are yet to be paid and are being victimized after requesting the money owed to them.

Marines, who have risked their lives to protect their country during the storm, are not only denied pay but requests for vacation and leave have also also been turned down.

Frivolous charges have been levied on Marines left, right and center and with no one to turn to, they feel helpless.

Many Marines are concerned for their colleagues who are suffering under this command and are now speaking out as they are all under tremendous stress.

In Raymond King’s remarks, on becoming Commander, he vowed that this type of behavior would not take place. However, victimization is at an all-time high. It appears that these directives are coming from Minister of National Security Marvin Dames.

While crime rises and the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold of the Bahamian people, Dames is contributing to the mental instability of the agencies mandated to protect the people.

It appears that he has a personal vendetta which he demonstrates during his angry outbursts in the House of Assembly. His behavior behind closed doors can only be imagined if compared to his public displays. After being judicially condemned for his interference in the Frank Smith case it is without question that he is unfit to manage such a portfolio.

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