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Veteran journalist Quincy Parker fired from Nassau Guardian

Seasoned newsman Quincy Parker can’t catch a break after he was fired from his second high-profile job in under a year.

The Nassau Guardian gave the senior news reporter his walking papers this week after he couldn’t hack it on the job as a field reporter.

The modest position was already a downgrade for Parker, who had previously worked at the newspaper as Senior Business Editor before going on to greener pastures.

Insiders claim that the stories Parker pitched to his news bosses were not worthy of the front page. As a result, younger and less experienced reporters were running circles around him.

His dismissal comes seven months after he was fired as Director of Communications at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL).

BPL gave the staunch Free National Movement (FNM) supporter and Executive Director Patrick Rollins the axe in January.

Parker’s arrogance and bullish approach made him unpopular among members of the media, who were disappointed that he was not more media-friendly after spending years as a journalist.

BPL employees also claimed that Parker wore his red and blue political colors on his sleeve as if he thought the FNM would be in power forever.

When the party got the boot, so did he.

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