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Venice Bay property discussed in Adrian Gibson trial

Registrar General Camille Gomez took the stand for another day in the Adrian Gibson as the prosecution delved into a property in Venice Bay that was alleged purchased by Gibson while he was executive chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC).

Defense attorney Damian Gomez contested that the property in Venice Bay, under scrutiny, was a gift from Whyms to Adrian Gibson.

However, discrepancies arose as conveyances revealed that Edwileno Holdings, belonging to Lanardo and Rashae Gibson—Adrian's cousin and codefendant—had initially purchased the Venice Bay property before subsequently selling it to the FNM MP.

Attorney Gomez argued that these transactions occurred prior to the execution of contracts, raising questions about the timing and legitimacy of the property transfers.

The proceedings concluded at 1pm on Friday, with the trial set to resume on Monday at 10am.

Gibson is accused of failing to disclose his interests in contracts, with prosecutors asserting he gained over $1 million from contracts awarded to Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration.

Allegedly, he laundered these funds through property - including a property in Venice Bay - and vehicle acquisitions, with assistance from individuals including Elwood Donaldson, Rashae Gibson, Joan Knowles, Jerome Missick, Tonya Demeritte, and Peaches Farquharson.

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