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Trouble brewing at Ministry of Tourism office in Plantation, FL

Tensions have escalated at the Ministry of Tourism's office in Plantation, Florida with allegations of discord and unprofessional conduct leveled against the Human Resources Manager there.

Sources paint a troubling picture of strained relations and a deteriorating work environment under her leadership.

The HR Manager, who formerly worked in travel management in Nassau, finds herself at odds with several staff members who claim they frequently feel disrespected and undermined.

According to insiders, her management style is criticized as being overly emotional rather than professional, a sentiment echoed by dissatisfied employees who have reportedly sought transfers due to their inability to work with her.

"Her evaluations make it clear she doesn't want us here," one anonymous staff member revealed. "She's effectively sidelined the HR function by delegating responsibilities to someone seconded from tourism, leaving us without proper support."

Complaints have allegedly flooded the HR department in New Providence regarding the manager's behavior, but disillusioned staff members lament a lack of decisive action from higher-ups, resulting in plummeting staff morale.

Worries about the HR manager's qualifications to handle human resources matters have been voiced, with accusations that her inadequacies have led to a talent drain as promising young professionals exit the ministry.

"Good people are leaving because of her," asserted another source. "It's affecting not just morale but our effectiveness as a team."

Moreover, financial concerns have exacerbated the discord, with allegations that the manager has resisted sharing office amenities, citing potential liabilities for the ministry.

Last year, a senior HR representative from New Providence was called in to address the manager's conduct. Despite these efforts, her alleged disregard for protocol and employee welfare persists, leaving staff members disillusioned with her continued presence in Florida.

"There's a perception she's here as a form of punishment," speculated another insider.

Amidst the discontent, the manager seems to have found favor with only two new employees as they are allegedly connected to senior politicians, raising eyebrows among staff members about preferential treatment.

Staff members are now calling for Minister of Tourism Chester Cooper to intervene and address their concerns.

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Jul 04

No accountability and persons been on the job too long

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