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Tourists caught sneaking on the beach

Three tourists were caught jumping a fence and sneaking onto a Paradise Island beach to swim in the turquoise waters over the Independence holiday weekend in defiance of an order by the Competent Authority who shut down beaches from Thursday night to Monday morning.

The women said they spent hours traveling to The Bahamas all the way from Boston this weekend and weren’t about to return home without swimming in the sparkling Bahamian waters.

The women said their beaches back home are nothing like the ones in The Bahamas and Bahamians should consider themselves lucky.

Like many tourists who flew to The Bahamas for an island getaway as the world continues to battle the unpredictable coronavirus, the Boston women were disappointed to learn that beaches would be closed for the whole weekend. So they decided to take their chances and enjoy some sun, sand and sea. They emerged a short time later happy and drenched in seawater.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has been accused of allowing his limitless powers as the Competent Authority to get to his head.

Two of his former cabinet ministers also publicly slammed the decision. Brent Symonette called beach closures a public relations nightmare for the Bahamas and said it just doesn’t add up. Former Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands pointed out that the chance of catching coronavirus on the beach is low.

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