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Sushi Rokkan forcing staff to get COVID vaccine

A high-end sushi restaurant in Western New Providence has taken the heartless approach of firing employees who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sushi Rokkan has given its employees until the end of June to get the COVID vaccine or face termination.

The threat of termination comes despite high unemployment in the country and blood clot concerns surrounding the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

AstraZeneca is the only vaccine currently available in The Bahamas and some Bahamians are hesitant to get the jab at this time due to concerns over rare side effects.

However, a mandatory vaccination policy was adopted by Mayu Holdings Limited, which operates as Sushi Rokkan.

The sushi restaurant, located in Old Fort Town Centre, said it is giving staff until June 30, 2021 to get the jab as “government’s rollout of vaccine administration has not proceeded with the speed and efficiency we had anticipated”.

Sushi Rokkan, which is said to be part-owned by attorney and staunch Free National Movement supporter Michael Scott, said there will be a rigid implementation of the mandatory vaccination policy.

“If you are unwilling to be vaccinated on medical grounds, you will be required to support this objection by a medical certificate from a qualified epidemiologist, virologist or immunologist or other equivalent medical specialist,” the company said in a letter to staff.

“In that event, management will endeavor to reassign you appropriately, although given the nature of the company’s business, this may be not possible. Termination may then be inevitable,” the company warned.

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