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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville sent into retirement

The Davis Administration has denied Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville’s request for another extension, sending the staunch Free National Movement supporter into long-overdue retirement.

Bowe-Darville, who was branded an FNM judge due to her rulings in the former government’s favor, received multiple extensions under the Minnis Administration.

In 2019, she was appointed a Supreme Court Justice three days before her 65th birthday, which is the typical retirement age for a judge.

However, then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis granted her the maximum extension of two years, meaning she must retire at age 67.

After she turned 67, Minnis gave her a six-month extension to complete her written judgments. That wasn’t good enough for Bowe-Darville who asked for another extension after that.

Bowe-Darville was the judge in the legal matter of former Bridge Authority General Manager Melissa Hall who sued the FNM government after she was fired in 2018.

The case was dismissed a few weeks ago by Bowe-Darville who said Hall's claim that she was entitled to three years notice was "delusional" and "a clear and rank abuse of power."

The judge failed to disclose that she was the former law partner of then-Minister of Works Desmond Bannister, who was the minister responsible for the Bridge Authority when Hall was fired. This was a clear conflict of interest.

Considering Hall’s contract was duly executed and approved by the Minister and Chairman, it is believed Bowe-Darville’s ruling was entirely political as she sided with the party that hired her at retirement age then gave her extensions.

Legal observers have opined that she was one of the most political judges on the bench as the FNM appointed party supporters in an attempt to secure convictions in the prosecution of political opponents.

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