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Student smuggles weed in Rice Krispies into school; students fall ill

Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy of S.C. McPherson School for possession of dangerous drugs with the intent to supply after he was caught smuggling marijuana into school in his breakfast cereal and selling it to schoolmates.

On Wednesday, officers from the Southwestern Division, acting on information, went to the public school and took the teen boy into custody.

The student allegedly brought marijuana-infused Rice Krispies cereal to school and sold them to students. As a result, four students fell ill at school and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance for medical attention.

Later in the day, three additional students complained to their parents about not feeling well. They also admitted to consuming the marijuana-infused cereal and were transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

The student is expected to be formally charged in the Magistrates Court on Friday.

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