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South Beach Pools contracts land Lanisha in hot water

Former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle issued nearly $246,000 in “questionable” contracts for the renovation of South Beach Pools, according to police officers investigating her fraud case.

The shady contracts were also highlighted in a damning audit ordered by then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis who refused to give the Sea Breeze MP another Free National Movement nomination in the event the damaging document ever saw the light of day.

According to police, the 46-year-old committed fraud by false pretenses for a $26,500 South Beach Pools Project contract to Julia Johnson; a 30,800 contract issued to Johnson; a $27,450 contract issued to Teno Lerome Williams; a $36,800 contract issued to Williams; a $16,200 contract issued to Marcus Mackey; a $28,560 contract issued to Mackey; a $49,560 contract issued to Creative Designs and a $38,000 contract issued to Edward Pratt.

Julia Johnson also received a $168,000 contract from the National Sports Authority (NSA).

The names of those contract recipients also appeared in the government audit in 2021.

Auditors said, “A few companies received multiple contracts on this project, and also received contracts at NSA for other projects, including Edward Pratt of Restoration Maintenance ($30,085) and Ms. Julia Johnson - $57,300.”

Pratt also received a $9,500 contract to clear down the property next to the South Beach Swimming Pools Complex despite an independent submission of a quote for $600.

Edward Pratt was then awarded a five-year NSA contract for landscaping of the Tennis Centre at $40,000 a year, which auditors described as “unfortunate” because the NSA has a staff of landscapers.

Rolle, her husband, Vontenken Rolle, and three others were arraigned in the Magistrates Court this morning over contracts awarded by the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture and the National Sports Authority.

The former FNM MP faces one count of bribery and 14 counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false pretenses.

Rolle’s husband was charged with her on one count of conspiracy to defraud the government out of $168,000 regarding the award of a contract for work to Kendal G L Isaacs Gym.

Godfrey Burrows is accused of fraudulently obtaining $34,690 for a contract issued to Miller’s Masonry and Carpentry for work at the South Beach Pools.

Rolle was granted $150,000 bail, her husband was granted $50,000 bail and their co-accused were granted $10,000 bail.

Rolle is the second member of the Minnis Administration to face corruption charges.

Long Island MP Adrian Gibson is expected to stand trial this year.

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