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Shots fired near courts

A flurry of gunshots capped a chaotic scene near the South Street Magistrates’ Court Complex on Monday, as police brought multiple suspects to face murder charges.

Police ordered the large crowd to assemble onto South Street in preparation for the perp walk.

But the crowd spilled into the grounds as police started to walk the suspects from the Nassau Street Police Station.

During the perp walk, civilians fired gunshots into the air near Nassau Street, causing a group of men and women to run.

The incident highlights the dangerous practice of the perp walk, which is unnecessary as the suspects can be brought into court through a back entrance.

But the perp walk is the detectives’ moment to shine as they parade suspects for the public, who are complaining about the high level of crime.

Police charged Allen McKinney with the June 13 murder of Francisco Smith at Kemp Road.

Justin Curtis was charged with the June 11 murder of Lamon Johnson and the attempted murder Tanikea Johnson at a bar on Martin Street.

Philip Taylor was charged with the May 1 murder of Leonardo Nottage.

Marvin Augustin, 21, and Romero Rolle, 21, were charged with the murder of Stervante Moss at Polhemus Street in June 14.

Zevargo Gaitor, 22, of Balls Alley, is charged with the June 4 murder of Elvardo Deveaux at Milton Street.

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