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Seized BMW returned to former FNM minister

Authorities have returned a gray 2020 BMW seized from former cabinet minister Elma Campbell back to the disgraced lawyer.

The luxury vehicle was allegedly bought with a fraction of the $1.2 million that Campbell and her son Che Chase allegedly defrauded the Ministry of Tourism of.

The car, valued at $34,650, was seized from the former FNM senator after she and Chase were charged in the Magistrates Court with fraud by false pretenses and 18 counts of money laundering in 2020.

The decision to return the luxury vehicle, believed to be purchased with the proceeds of a crime, has raised questions about a double standard for the politically connected.

Many Bahamians have had their vehicles, boats and other luxury items confiscated by police during investigations and while their matters are before the courts. Such items aren’t usually returned to them until their cases have been concluded.

However, it is viewed as unfair that Campbell’s BMW was returned to her before her trial has even started.

Campbell, a former Bahamas ambassador to China, is expected to return to court in

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