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Russell out as Immigration chief

Immigration Director Clarence Russell has been handed his walking papers.

In 2018, the FNM government made the controversial decision to appoint the retired policeman to head the department.

Career immigration officers were insulted as the Minnis-led government continued to fill top positions with outsiders.

Retired Superintendent Stewart Curtis was brought in as Assistant Director of Immigration.

Both Russell and Curtis were reportedly receiving their police pensions while working under contract at Immigration.

Weeks before the FNM suffered a crushing defeat at the polls, the government renewed Russell’s contract despite his subpar performance but he was ordered to take all outstanding vacation beginning Monday, October 25.

Assistant Director Keturah Ferguson is now acting Director of Immigration.

She’s likely to remain at the helm of the organization, as Russell won’t be back.

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Virginia Williams
Virginia Williams

Mr Ross Smith is and will always be The Best Man for this Position, he sure knows how to do it with Honour....l Solute him, Straight up, no bullshit.... Blessings from The Most High!!!

Our Prime Minister Sir Brave Davis is doing a swell job, l feel he will be for quit along time..... Congratulations on The New changes looks compermizing.....God bless!

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