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Realtor owes widow of former FNM minister $61K in rent

A well-known realtor is having trouble making rent after moving into the home of a former Free National Movement cabinet minister who passed away in 2012.

Osborne Stuart is the CEO of Adler Realty, located at Caves, West Bay Street.

Stuart was hired to list the former FNM chairman’s house on West Bay Street following his sudden death but decided he wanted to rent the home with his then-wife and their college-bound daughter.

However, Stuart eventually divorced his wife and got remarried in April 2022.

The realtor led his new wife to believe that he owns the spacious Western New Providence property but he is currently behind on rent to the tune of $61,000.

Stuart took advantage of the young widow by moving into the home when he is clearly unable to make rent payments, thus depriving her of income.

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