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Realtor kicked out of former cabinet minister’s house

Well-known realtor Osbourne Stuart and his family have been kicked out of the home of a deceased former Free National Movement (FNM) minister after they failed to vacate the premises by the court-ordered date.

On July 14, a judge ordered Stuart to leave the Western New Providence home by August 21. However, he didn’t go willingly.

After the court-imposed deadline had passed, Stuart remained in the home and neighbors reported seeing the CEO of Adler Realty working in the yard and around the house as he had fooled his second wife and her family into believing he owned the property.

His lie caused his new wife and daughter, who lives with him, unnecessary embarrassment as the matter played out in court and in front of their neighbors.

On Monday afternoon, a locksmith van, senior police officers, the former FNM chairman’s widow and her attorneys were seen securing the home after the security gate was removed and the Stuarts were forced to exit.

Neighbors watched from behind their curtains as the shameless businessman and his humiliated wife hastily loaded their belongings into their vehicles.

Following the sudden death of the former MP, his widow hired Stuart to put the luxury home on the market. However, he convinced her to rent the property to him and his first wife.

Though Stuart started out as a paying tenant, he fell behind on monthly rent payments to the tune of $49,000.

His first wife moved out after their divorce and Stuart moved his new wife in.

Instead of vacating the property and trying to pay off his mounting debt, Stuart doubled down and refused to pay.

He was unsuccessfully represented in court by “one and done” FNM MP Elsworth Johnson, who had to return to practicing law after he lost his seat in Parliament and his cushy cabinet position in the September 2021 General Election.

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