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Punch for Sale: FNMs hope to keep control of tabloid

The death of Ivan Johnson has resulted in the demise of his tabloid The Punch.

His sisters shut down the paper days after his sudden death on October 4, sending scores of workers to the unemployment line.

Johnson’s sisters Felicity, Janet and Jill are trying to sell the paper, which has served as an FNM propaganda piece for decades.

The sisters, who are diehard FNM supporters, want to ensure that the popular paper remains under control of their beloved party.

As a result, they are only interested in selling the business to FNMs.

Heading the list of potential buyers are FNM financiers the Holoweskos and Johnson’s best friend Dr. John Rodgers.

Johnson reportedly died in the red, as the paper’s circulation plummeted in recent years as Internet pages fed readers a steady diet of gossip with photos and videos for free.

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