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Police officer and his mother arrested

Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that unfolded on Sunday evening, resulting in the apprehension of an off-duty police officer, his mother, and four other individuals.

The incident was brought to the attention of law enforcement when Shot Spotter Technology detected gunfire near Exuma Street and Cordeaux Avenue.

Police and Defence Force officers on Operation Ceasefire's routine Saturation Patrol spotted a white Honda Accord leaving the area hastily, prompting an attempted traffic stop.

The pursuit led officers to Bahamas Games Boulevard, where three men in the vehicle allegedly opened fire on the pursuing officers.

An exchange of gunshots ensued, culminating in the suspects' vehicle crashing near the baseball stadium.

The off-duty police officer attempted to flee but was arrested after sustaining severe lacerations while attempting to scale a nearby secondary school wall. Identified as a police officer, he was treated at the hospital and is now in police custody.

A search of the suspects' vehicle uncovered a loaded firearm and ammunition, both seized by law enforcement.

Investigations into the initial gunshots on Exuma Street and Cordeaux Avenue revealed a 23-year-old male victim who had been shot in the upper body while walking on Cordeaux Avenue. The victim's condition is reported as stable.

Subsequently, three men aged 26, 26, and 22, along with a 22-year-old female, were arrested.

A search warrant executed in Imperial Park then led to the discovery and confiscation of ammunition, resulting in the arrest of the off-duty police officer's 41-year-old mother.

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