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Police Force transferring known PLPs to Family Islands

The top brass of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) has begun transferring officers suspected of being Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters to the Family Islands ahead of the Advance Poll.

Police officers are among 30,000 people eligible to vote early on September 9.

Officers tell us their superiors are rushing through transfers to the respective islands so that they would not be in New Providence on September 9 to participate in the advance poll.

When the officers inquired about returning to Nassau to vote, they did not receive a response. They have asked their bosses to delay their transfers until after the advance poll.

Officers fear this is an attempt to suppress their vote.

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R-Truth Knowles Jr.
R-Truth Knowles Jr.

This is rubbish!!! Not true


Keisha Dean
Keisha Dean

55 posters valued at $ could have helped several familys with

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