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PM plans campaign tour with public funds

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is set to commence a whirlwind campaign tour of the islands, despite claims that a general election isn’t on the horizon.

In the next few months, Minnis will visit every island with his entourage of civil servants and the press as he steps up his government’s re-election campaign.

The campaign tour of the islands is being funded by the Bahamian taxpayer.

Since last year, Minnis has been traveling to the islands opening capital projects that were started under the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). No one knows exactly when Minnis will ring the proverbial bell, since he’s failed to keep his campaign promise of a fixed date for elections. But it’s clear from his fervent campaigning, that elections will be held soon.

Since Minnis has dealt a deadly blow to big business with his ill-thought out emergency orders and shutdowns, the FNM is struggling to get funding from private donors.

As a result, Minnis is raiding the public treasury as he fights to cling to power.

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