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PM catches cabinet ministers off-guard with snap election

Several Free National Movement (FNM) candidates are scrambling to secure campaign headquarters after Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis caught them off-guard with a snap election.

While Minnis informed members of his inner circle, including Deputy Prime Minister Desmond Bannister and Health Minister Renward Wells of his plan to call an election on September 16, other cabinet ministers were left in the dark.

Abaco residents tell us North Abaco MP Darren Henfield does not have headquarters.

The fact that some members of parliament are just trying to locate headquarters raises questions about the monthly allowance MPs receive to maintain a constituency office.

FNM candidate Maxine Seymour, who wrangled the party’s Seabreeze nomination away from MP Lanisha Rolle, hasn’t set up headquarters either.

She can only go knocking on doors as she has no headquarters to receive constituents.

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