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PLP MP displays diva ways on Bahamasair flight

Passengers on a Bahamasair flight to Nassau had front row seats to a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP’s diva antics Monday evening when he initially refused to take his assigned seating on the aircraft.

After the cabinet minister boarded the plane in Freeport, he was asked by a Bahamasair flight attendant to take his seat near the front of the plane.

However, the MP told her he would instead be sitting at the back of the ATR in order to make a quick exit down the steps once the aircraft landed at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

The flight attendant once again insisted that the MP adhere to the national flag carrier’s assigned seating to avoid taking another passenger’s seat and causing confusion.

After she refused to back down, the minister eventually relented and took his seat in the ninth row.

Some passengers marveled at how entitled the novice politician seemed after being elected as a member of parliament for the first time less than a year ago.

Instead of leading by example, he assumed his newfound position exempted him from following the rules.

It was reminiscent of some “one and done” members of the Minnis cabinet who quickly adopted arrogant attitudes shortly after the Free National Movement’s landslide victory in 2017 despite their lack of experience. Due to their perceived arrogance, the majority of those MPs did not get to see five years in the House of Assembly.

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