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Omar Archer loses libel challenge

A Court of Appeal decision has paved the way for FNM mouthpiece and liar Omar Archer to go to jail.

Archer falsely accused PLP Cabinet Ministers of corruption during the 2017 election campaign while chanting they “gern to jail.”

While telling boldfaced lies for the FNM, Archer was facing trial for libel over a 2015 Facebook post in which he claimed a woman had AIDS.

Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis had called on Archer to present a defense to the charge that carries a penalty of two years in prison.

Since the only defence to libel is truth, lying Omar knew he was headed to prison, so he ducked court and an arrest warrant was issued.

The FNM rallied to his aid because they needed him to tell lies to win the election.

Fred Smith QC had the matter stayed while claiming libel laws were unconstitutional.

The argument was rejected by the Supreme Court and today by the Court of Appeal.

Ironically, FNM Cabinet Ministers are availing themselves the supposedly unconstitutional laws by having perceived PLPs arrested for social media posts.

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